Trojan Time Banded Gala

Each year Trojan ASC host our own swimming gala, its normally held each June at Xcite Whitburn Leisure Centre. The gala is open to visiting clubs with 50m events covering each of the four main swimming strokes along a 4x50m Freestyle Relay. 

 So what is a Time banded gala?  During a time a time banded gala swimmers are entered to compete in one or more of the available strokes. For each stroke entered swimmers are placed in the appropriate band, either A, B or C dependant on their entry time. 

For each stroke a separate event is swam for both boys and girls in each of the three bands (i.e 6 events per stroke). As a result swimmers will end up competing against other swimmers with entry times within the same time band. This results in a competition which allows swimmers to compete based on their ability rather than age. 

Medals are awarded to swimmers in each event who are placed in positions 1 to 6, with an award made to any swimmer who swims too fast for their entered band and therefore not eligible for a medal. 

The event trophy is also presented to the winning club with points accumulated through the event based upon their swimmers performance.