Inline with the Scottish Swimming Learn to Swim framework, Xcite Whitburn offer Club Ready Swimming. 

Club Ready Swim aims to provide an insight into Club Swimming to explore whether swimming is a sport  you may wish to pursue before committing to a swimming club. 

We welcome swimmers into our club from the Learn to Swim Framework and Club Ready, so if you wish to join or find out more please get in touch

The diagram below shows where Club Ready Swim fits into the Scottish Swimming Framework, with further details available from Xcite Whitburn. 

Club Ready Swim aims To improve and maintain stroke technique over distance and develop basic training and race skills producing a swimmer who is Club Ready. 


  • Advance swimming stamina for all four strokes whilst maintaining technique 
  •  Improve efficiency in all four strokes 
  •  To develop turn technique for all four strokes 
  •  Provide knowledge and understanding of club training practices