Superfins Squad Criteria

  • This criteria is set as a guideline and may not be exhaustive.

  • Indications of ability are technical ability (i.e. stroke technique).

  • Any ages mentioned within the squad descriptions are guidelines and will vary from swimmer to swimmer.

  • Entry into, and movement out of, each squad is based on a set of criteria maintained by the coaches. This is continually subject to review and for the latest criteria contact the head coach.

  • All criteria are subject to the Head Coaches discretion.

To come into this group swimmers will normally have been/be:

  • Identified by the squad coach and head coach as requiring more opportunity to swim and hone their skills.

  • Is able perform a float and hold the position on front and back.

  • Can maintain a streamlined body position on front and back.

  • Has achieved competency in all core aquatic skills.

  • Has a basic understanding of the technique of the strokes and recognises them by name.

  • Can swim and hold stroke technique for a minimum 25 metres (except butterfly where 5m is sufficient at this stage).

  • Swim a minimum of 25m of front crawl demonstrating a push and glide start from wall and/or from a dive with correct and efficient transition to stroke.Competent technique with bilateral breathing with efficient kick.

  • Swim a minimum of 25m backstroke demonstrating a push and glide start from wall to a streamline position and be able to progress to stroke with one straight arm above head and the other at the side to begin good bilateral and continuous arm action with efficient leg lick.

  • Swim a minimum of 15m breaststroke demonstrating a good push and glide from wall or dive start, good technique with understanding of timing of stroke.

  • Swim a minimum of 5m butterfly demonstrating a good push and glide from wall or dive start and show good stroke technique and undulation.

  • Is able to carry out a basic racing dive and is ready to move to a block start.

  • Is able to rotate on both horizontal and vertical axis in order to perform adequate race turns.

  • Well behaved and remain respectful of the coaching staff at all times.

Superfins swimmers will continue to develop their technical stroke ability in all four strokes and will start to progress their ability to swim the stroke at speed.   They will learn the basic stroke rules as set out by the governing body and will learn how to perform dives from the starting blocks and turn as necessary for gala technique.  ?

Superfin swimmers will be encouraged to take part in relay team events and may be invited to swim in Forth Valley Junior League gala’s which are important team events as well as other galas suitable for their age and ability.