Gold Squad Criteria

  • This criteria is set as a guideline and may not be exhaustive.
  • Indications of ability are technical ability (i.e. stroke technique).
  • Any ages mentioned within the squad descriptions are guidelines and will vary from swimmer to swimmer.
  • Entry into, and movement out of, each squad is based on a set of criteria maintained by the coaches. This is continually subject to review and for the latest criteria contact the head coach.
  • All criteria are subject to the Head Coaches discretion.

To come into this group swimmers will normally have been/be:

  • An understanding and willingness to comply with the aerobic, multi-stroke and skill based ethos of the Development.
  • The ability to cope with the training demands of the squad.
  • 75% Attendance at swimming sessions over a month and has attended land based sessions when invited.
  • Has a good understanding of the technical demand of the strokes.
  • Able to hold a good stroke technique in all 4 strokes, in accordance with the governing body rules.
  • Able to carry out a dive racing start from starting blocks and understands the rules of the starts for all four strokes, in accordance with the governing body.
  • Able to carry out a racing turn and understands the rules of the turns for all four strokes, in accordance with the governing body.
  • Ability to attempt to swim a 200m individual medley incorporating start and turns in competition and at least a 200m swim of front crawl, backstroke and 100m butterfly and breaststroke in competition.
  • Attendance at all Forth Valley Junior League and Trojan time banded as a competitions as a minimum, that are set out on the competition calendar for the group and has taken part in other invited competitions.
  • Excellent all round technical abilities and skills.
  • Has attained at least a 50/100m time in all strokes (as applicable to age group) and a 100m IM time as a minimum.
  • The ability to understand how to observe and follow the timer clock and is self-guided when completing sets.
  • Is swimming in competitions at least within the 9 years age group (girls) & 10 years age group (boys).
  • Well behaved and remain respectful of the coaching staff and other swimmers and pool staff at all times.

Gold Squad Swimmers are expected to attend a minimum 10 gala’s excluding FVJL and Trojan Time band.

Gold Squad swimmers will continue to develop their technical stroke ability and work over increasing distances introducing more intensive aerobic training.

Gold Squad continue with the competition schedule as appropriate to their age group and ability and are encouraged to compete over longer distances (200m and 400m and above) and targeting participation in District and Scottish National Age Group Meets.