FINS Squad Criteria

  • This criteria is set as a guideline and may not be exhaustive. 
  •  Entry into, and movement out of, each squad is based on a set of criteria maintained by the coaches. This is continually subject to review and for the latest criteria contact the head coach. 
  •  All criteria are subject to the Head Coaches discretion.

To come into this group swimmers will normally have been/be:

  • Identified by the squad coach and head coach as having developed some core aquatic skills and water literacy.

  •  Is able to be in the water for some of the time without a flotation aid. 

  •  Well behaved and remain respectful of the teaching/coaching staff at all times.

Fins swimmers learn the core aquatic skills of the discipline.   The skills of rotation and diving are concentrated upon in this squad.   Fin swimmers will also be taught the basics of the four swimming strokes and will develop the ability to swim over a short distance of 25 to 50m.