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Junior Masters

Squad Criteria
  • This criteria is set as a guideline and may not be exhaustive.

  • Indications of ability are technical ability (i.e. stroke technique).

  • Any ages mentioned within the squad descriptions are guidelines and will vary from swimmer to swimmer.

  • Entry into, and movement out of, each squad is based on a set of criteria maintained by the coaches. This is continually subject to review and for the latest criteria contact the head coach.

  • All criteria are subject to the Head Coaches discretion.

To come into this group swimmers will normally have been/be:
  • Will have achieved the criteria required to join the performance age group squad.

  • Be 12 years or over

  • Wish to continue swimming and remain within the club at non competitive level.

  • Be able to train independantly under to supervision and direction of a coach to maintain and improve their technique.

  • Work towards maintaining and improving their fitness.

Whilst members of the Junior Masters squad may not wish to swim competitively it is hoped they are still able and willing to attend Team competitions such as FVJL. We aim that the Junior Masters squad will maintain a relationship with Trojan for swimmers who enjoy the social aspect of the club and the fitness benefits from swimming, whilst being able to act as a role model for our younger swimmers through allowing a route for transition to becoming a poolside helper, technical official, team manager or coach of the future.

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