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Events & Galas

At Trojan we believe that providing the opportunity for your swimmer to compete either individually or as part of team is an important part of their developement, not only as a sportsperson but also an individual. As such opportunities to compete an appropriate level will be offered throughout the year. Details of upcoming events shall be posted below and any concerns regarding event suitability should be discussed with the coaching team.
Taking part in competition not only provides your swimmer a goal for which to aim for after all their efforts in training, but helps build confidience, develop independance, foster team spirit and promte sportman like behaviour.
Though we believe competition is important, we appreciate that it is not for everyone and no swimmer shall ever be disadvantaged through lack of participation.
Whilst gaining medals is nice it should be remembered that particpation and continuous improvement through gaining personal best performances is more rewarding. 
Gala Results

We do not post results from individual meets.

Results from most meets we attend are however posted on the swim scotland website.

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