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Nutritional Advice

At Trojan, whether your swimmer is competing or attending training, they are an athlete and therefore good nutrion is an important part of their own well being aswell as their performance levels.


Unfortunately nutrition is often over looked whilst most people are aware that a heavy meal should be avoided prior to going swimming you will quickly become aware that training will have a big impact on your swimmers appetite due to effort employed and the calories which are consumed. It's therefore important to understand that what and when you child eats will have a large impact on their health and performance. The information below is provided as guidance in helping to provide a healthy diet for your young athlete.


One of the most imprortant but often overlooked factors in nutrition is Hydration. Dehydration can reduce the body's capacity to work drastically. Being adequately hydrated will have a positive impact on performace. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day will maintain hydration levels and ensuring you swimmer has drinking water available whilst poolside will help replace fluids lost during excerise especially in the hot humid environment of a swimming pool.


We have all heard the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for your young athlete it is especially true. A nutrious breakfast will help with mood, concentration, energy levels and endurance. It might just even help with performance at school aswell. Breakfast should be something quick, nutritious and easy to prepare, especially since you will probably struggle with time in the morning before heading out to a training session or off to a gala. A good breakfast will also reduce the tendancy to snack later in the day. A few suggestions may be:

  • Whole wheat or Oat cereals. Try to avoid chocolate or sugary cereals as though they may taste better the sugar may provide a short term enregy boost but promote fat gain.

  • Porridge with Fresh fruit

  • Natural Yoghurt with fresh fruit

  • Wholemeal toast, teacake or bagel, with jam, marmalade or honey

  • Eggs (not fried) or beans along with your toast.

  • Fresh fruits (ideal for if grabbing something on the run) or liquidised into milk to make a shake on the go .

  • Dont forget the hydration. Milk or fresh fruit juice.


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